At Risbo, we are all about the VIBE. We are a fast casual restaurant located in Prospect Lefferts Garden in Brooklyn. Our food is high quality comfort, our drinks are fresh and refined, and our atmosphere is full of plants, dope music and a diverse mix of people.  We are all about community and vibe and want our employees to be a part of it! 

Be innovative. Work smart. Be respectful. Give 100% in all you do. Smile and Enjoy.

All positions must be passionate and curious about food!

[ Current open Positions ]


Prep Cook

$13.50 /hr 

1 year minimum experience 

3pm-11pm 4/5 days per week

Skills required: 

  • fast learner

  • at ease with knives

  • keeps spaces cleaned and organized as directed

  • can follow recipes

  • understands measurements

  • works well with others and also on own

  • finds flow in repetitive actions

  • Qualifying Certificate in Food Protection is a plus

  • Opportunity for growth


Line Cook


3 year minimum experience

3pm-12pm 4/5 days per week

Skills required: 

  • at ease, efficient, and fast with knives

  • high level understanding of cooking temperatures

  • ability to work at a fast pace with accuracy and efficiency and low stress, multi tasker- this is an open kitchen!

  • keeps space super clean and organized as directed- LIKE BE OCD!!!

  • Certificate in Food Protection



$9/hr plus tips 

3 year minimum experience

Skills required: 

  • measures out every pour for every drink 

  • gives attention to every patron within 1 min upon entering

  • fast learner and good memory

  • keeps space clean and organized as directed

  • works efficiently and accurately under pressure, lots of people, and loud music


Sous Chef/Front and Back of House Manager 

Salary TBD 

5 year minimum experience

1 year commitment required

This position requires hands on skill and knowledge of all aspects of running a busy restaurant from prep,

cooking, bartending, customer service, ordering, managing employees, assisting with accounting, etc.

Food knowledge requirements: Basic French Culinary. New York Food Trends. Basic Pastry. Sauces. Rotisserie.

Managing skills: 

  • Responsible for all BOH and FOH operations including scheduling staff.

  • Hiring, Firing and managing staff.

  • On Boarding and Training staff. (interview and paperwork).

  • Oversee Front/Back of the house pre-service check list.

  • Oversee Front/Back of the house closing check list.

  • Implement HACCP safety standard protocol and train staff to maintain safety standards.

  • Must have Qualifying Certificate in Food Protection

  • Boost staff morale to improve productivity.

  • Responsible for managing email correspondence

  • Delivery management 

  • Tough minded - When necessary, you can make the difficult decisions and hold team members accountable. 

  • 100% responsibility of coaching all team members in the front of the house, following job descriptions, processes, policies and procedures.

  • Assumes 100% responsibility for the quality of the Guest experience. 

  • 100% commitment to follow all internal monetary control measures.

  • 100% commitment to follow all internal product control measures, including: food and liquor inventories, purchases and loss prevention measures.

  • Demonstrates 100% commitment to the team members' continued training and development, to maintain bench strength and engagement.

  • Demonstrates 100% commitment to the cleanliness, sanitation and organization of the location.