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Events, Space Rental, and Catering.

Please note that we DO NOT take reservations.  

If you have a party of 10-30 individuals and would like to gather at Risbo during regular dinnertime hours, simply email us and let us know:
•the date you'd like to come
•the number of your party
•the anticipated duration of your gathering

Once you email us these details, we'll confirm that we'll be ready for your party.  Post-confirmation, groups in this scenario are encouraged to arrive at 4:45p (15minutes before Risbo opens) to secure seating. If this isn't possible, seating is on a first come first serve basis for your entire party.

 On the day, your party can order and pay individually or your tab (preferably opened at the bar) can be split between no more than 2 credit cards.


Space Rental

If you want to RENT the space for a PRIVATE event, please email for details and pricing.  


If you would like Risbo to CATER your event, please see catering menu with procedures for payment and pickup/setup here.